Friday, March 3, 2017

First Ever WhyCV Contest Winners

On behalf of the judges and the team here at Carson Valley Visitors Authority, thank you for filling our world with rich images, stories, and video. 

The winning entries, people's choice, and honorable mentions are featured here in this message. You can also read more at the Carson Valley Times. Be sure to see the rest of the WhyCV submissions on our Facebook page, or you can check them out on Flickr.

Every WhyCV participant put a lot of heart and soul into their efforts. Stunning photos, touching videos, and poignant stories powerfully reinforce why we all hold this valley so dear.

Enjoy these submissions and thank you for showing us why you love Carson Valley!

Chris Dickerson, Rugged Judge's Choice Winner

Amber Terhune, Jobs Peak Judge's Choice Winner

Melissa Blosser, Reachable Judge's Choice Winner

 Mark Breedan, Relaxed Judge's Choice Winner

Honorable Mentions: David Morris, Lisa Fisher, Brett Fisher, Alyson Berhend, Alyson Berhend, Carlo Luri, Karis Daphne, Rebecca Pearl, Paige Turnipseed, Chris Dickerson, Amber Terhune, Carolyn Furin, Rebecca Pearl, Melissa Blosser.

People's Choice Winners: Cailin Killian, William Mahoney, David Morris, Lisa Fisher.

Will Lento, Winner of the Written Story

Ten years ago, when I was a boy of no more than eight years, the Carson Valley became my new home. Before I put my bags down here, I had been a city boy. Born on the East Coast in one of the biggest cities in the world. Needless to say, the move was a big change.
Looking back on the past ten years, I reflect on how fortunate I am to have spent my youth growing up in this tiny jewel in the heart of the western United States. My memory is fogged with images of hiking down to the Carson River with my friends and playing on the ice when it would partially freeze over. I recall the drive over Kingsbury Grade, looking out at the stretches of open land and tiny clusters of buildings. I remember visiting the Museum and Cultural Center; the photographs and models that showcased an old and antiquated Carson Valley still dance vividly in my subconscious.
All the way up to graduating from Douglas High School with the always towering Sierra Nevada Mountains in the near distance, I have never been able to overlook the true beauty and divine nature of the place so many of us call home.
The Carson Valley cast a spell on us all, I believe; A charm that entrances any and all who have ever called it home. Whether you have lived here your whole life, or only the past six months, the ethereal beauty of this small Northern Nevada community is sure to have secured itself a special place in your heart for the rest of your days.

Rebecca Pearl, Winning Video

Watch Rebound

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