Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spring Soaring XC Camp Starts This Saturday!

The Soaring NV Cross Country camp is designed to help the low time glider pilot gain the skills, knowledge, and judgment required to safely and successfully fly cross country. Our goal is that by the end of the camp, all students will be capable of completing their Bronze and Silver Badges.

Fee: $300. Includes: Camp Notebook, T-Shirt, Dinner, Flight time with and instructor, glider rental, and tows will be charged separately. Topics Covered: Badge Rules and Requirements, Thermaling Basics, Navigation, Glide Slope Management, Landing Out, Airspace/Sectionals/Regulations, Weather Interpreting Atmospheric Soundings, Judgment, Speed to Fly Theory.

Each day will start with presentations, followed by flights, either individually or with an Instructor, to practice the topics covered. More presentations will be given in the evenings at the end of the flying day. We have room for 9 pilots who will be flying our gliders, as well as any others who will be bringing their own gliders (or club gliders) to fly.

Notes: Attendees are encouraged to stay for at least a couple of days after the camp to either make badge attempts or to fly XC with an instructor

Location : Soaring NV, Minden-Tahoe Airport
Contact : Email: or (775)782-9595

For more information CLICK HERE.

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